Coco Fiber VS Coco Coir: What Is The Best For Growing Cannabis Seeds?

Growing cannabis strain at home is not that difficult. Although this job requires you to have a little understanding of how to plant and understand the characteristics of cannabis seeds usa to be able to take care of it properly. However, with the digital age, such research and search has become much simpler.

The research process is the first and foremost step for growers. Especially with the inexperienced grower, it is very important to thoroughly understand the cannabis seeds and how to grow it.

Currently, there are two common types of “soil” that are selected by many grower: coco coir and coco fiber. These two types are coconut products, but they bring separate effects and experiences.

Let’s compare them a bit to find out which is best for growing cannabis seeds.

#1 Coco fiber

Coconut fiber is the fiber between the pulp and the outer shell of the coconut. They were first noticed by grower not too long ago.

A lot of growers commented on the use of coconut fiber to grow cannabis for great results. It brings a satisfactory result, good productivity and can be reused many times.

Coconut fiber is a very good substrate not only for growing cannabis but also for growing many other plants. It also plays an important role in growing hydroponic plants and is a good substrate.

Coconut fiber is also appreciated when it can be stored long, very light so it can be transported easily.

It has many uses such as improving the fallow, sclerosis of the soil; maintain moisture and increase soil nutrition; increased soil aeration; promotes root development and helps plant growth; contains natural organic substances that are good for soil and plants.

Coconut fiber soil can be used to replace humus, growers responded that coconut soil is better than humus. The growth of hydroponic plants when grown with coconut fiber will be faster when not using substrate or soil.

#2 Coco coir

Coco coir is coconut fiber that has been processed. It was removed lint and other impurities, then soaked soft and dried again. It is crushed and pressed into blocks of diverse sizes.

Coco coir makes growers seem to be using soil to grow cannabis. Only this “soil” can work with many different hydroponic methods.

Coco coir has many uses such as providing the best moist environment for germinating cannabis seeds; restrict insects; safe to use; environmental friendliness; keep nutrients to the maximum.

However, because it goes through many stages of processing, almost no nutrients in it. So growers need to constantly provide nutrition to help cannabis seeds grow best.

Final Verdict

Although both coco fiber and coco coir are coconut products, they have many differences. In our opinion, coco fiber works better and more flexible than coco coir.