Grow Closets for Sale: 10 Best Marijuana Grow Cabinet 2021

Grow Closets for Sale: 10 Best Marijuana Grow Cabinet 2021

When it comes to growing your own cannabis at home, there is nothing can bring you more private than a grow closet. This is an enclosed system that allows you to control the perfect growth environment and especially keep your cannabis plants hidden. With the appearance like a closet or normal cabinet, no one will know that you are cultivating cannabis inside and you do not need to worry about the judgment of people around you. I have put here a list of 6 best grow closet for sale, which can help you easier starting you work as a home grower.

Top 10 Grow Closets for Sale 2021

#1 Bonanza G-bars 160W LED grow box

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This all-in-one grow box is fully assembled and ready to use will all you’ll need to grow cannabis right away. It comes with a small fan, carbon filter fitted within a silencer, so it will operate quiet and unobtrusive. This system also guarantees that heated air is removed from the cabinet and odor is controlled. No one will know that you are growing weed inside. This 0,35m2 box can hold up to 5 plants at once.

G-Bars 160 Watt LED grow light provide the optimum light distribution for your growing room. The bars are placed on an aluminum frame that nearly completely covers the Bonanza grow box. It ensures that all the corners of the grow box are exposed to equal amount of light. The aluminum frame also acts like an extra heat sink.

#2 SuperNova Smart Grow Closet

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Finding the best box or container for growing weed all seasons without being effected by outside climate may be a tricky task. It is even more challenging to find the grow box that can accommodate your plants, big enough for numerous plants while still contains all the features you want. Fortunately, we have SuperNova Grow Closet here.

This grow box has two chambers and it is one of the biggest grow box available. The bigger chamber can hold up to 8 5-gallon soil pots, and it can be 12 plants if you use hydroponics system. The smaller chamber is enough for up to 15 seedlings.

It’s also technologically advanced. To get the most out of your crop, you can download an app on your smartphone, which allows you to completely control the environment inside the box from anywhere.

#3 Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

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The most attractive feature of Growzilla 4.0 grow box is its outstand size with a height of 5’8 feet. Because it is a vertical box, you can grow even the tallest strains of marijuana. You do not need to worry about light when in this vertical box as the light is adjustable, allowing you to grow nearly any plant types. Growzilla can also help you relax if you’re concerned about the energy usage of grow boxes. It is energy effective, you do not need to worry about electric bill. Growzilla 4.o is easy to use and pre-assmble, making it an excellent grow box for novices.

#4 Stealth Grow Box – LED Grow Box

If you are ling in the Europe, is the best grow box brand to consider. It is perfect for grower who are concerned about pice, with under $1000, it is very difficult to find other stealth grow boxes that has high quality, and includes everything you need to get stared like this one.

You may be astounded with the high yield that it offers you.  Stealth Grow Box – LED Grow Box can improve your growing experience, helps you better regular the growth condition with a variety of add-ons and automated features like temperature and humidity sensors, nutrition sensors, webcams, LED lights, etc. has introduced its own branded 3D Printed Carbon Filter, which greatly reduce marijuana smells while also contributing to a fantastic growth environment for your plants.

#5 6-Pack – 6 Clone LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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This affordable Dealzer 6 Clone hydroponics grow box may entice you if you have limited, tight space to grow cannabis at home. It’s small and low-profile with the dimensions 27.75″ Tall x 15.75″ Wide x 11.0″ Deep, so it’ll fit practically anyplace in your house, but it’s equipped all the equipment you will need.

However, these is the note that this grow box is designed for cloning plants, so it may not fit full-size veggies of taller strains. It only can hold the plants that up to 2 feet tall. It is a great place to start if you are a beginner.

#6 BCNL The Roommate Automated Grow Box

If your purpose is grow cannabis personally for your own, not for business, The Roomate could be the ideal option. It is perfect anybody seeking for a compact, cost-effective, and high-quality grow box. Because of it is small and high yields, it can be placed in even the tightest of spaces. It is measures 28′′x54.5′′x28′′ in total. As a result, it may grow up to four plants at once. Furthermore, the box enables for harvesting every 10 to 12 weeks, as it speeds up the growing process of plants. This box is also plug & play with a lot of equipment including three cycles of nutrients, LED lights, and more.