[US Seed Bank] James Bean Company Reviews (www.jbcseeds.com)

The first thing to mention involves the promotions on the site. I do like how the promo section is updated every few days(or whenever there is something new happening). I saw today that the section was last updated on August 4th.

Say, for example, you want to buy the Dynasty gear. Everytime you get something in the Dynasty gear, you will get three packs of the Grapfruit Magoo.

Another great thing about the promos sections is the cool freebies. I noticed the disclaimer that if you miss out on something(from the promo) you still get some pretty cool freebies. Those freebies could include things like a 420 seed bank or something else from one of the top seed banks

I did not care for the Subcool section of the page. All it has is some weird leprechaun man on the page saying, “cool, and thanks”. There is really nothing to see on that page unless you want to spend a few seconds checking out the graphic. All I am saying is, they could have done without that part. There is no reason to have it.

The news section is more or less a recap of the promos page. This might be one of the more reliable seed banks products for CBD, but it does not really have much to offer.

There is something about Respect Genetics. The only thing I will warn is that they are out of the products. They do say that other freebies are in the works, but they could have taken that part down.

The one saving grace is that the page does include some information on Respect Genetics and how it came about.

The bottom line: I just was not all that impressed with the page. It might be one of the top 10 seed banks in the US, but I feel it is lacking. It appears to be just some general webpage and that is it. I don’t know, maybe I waa expecting more since they do carry CBD and feminized beans. The overall price for some of the feminized beans are not that great. Some go as high as $80 and above. Maybe I am not the target audience, but I feel the whole thing is a rip-off. Just my honest opinion.