Peat Moss vs Coco Peat: What Is The Best For Cannabis Growing?

Both peat moss and coco peat are considered soil amendments. They all have the ability to improve soil structure and create the best moisture for the growing environment of cannabis.

Although both peat moss and coco peat do not provide any specific nutrition for cannabis, they are common choices for growers.

In it peat moss comes from the swampy area contains many decomposing sphagnum moss. They are mined and processed into fine textured materials, like fine soil.

And coco peat is coir processed and crushed. It can be said that these two types have the same texture, but coco peat is coarser and has a darker color.

So peat moss vs coco peat, which one is best for cannabis growing?

#1 Water Absorption

Coco peat absorbs water very quickly and it only needs a small amount of water to be able to wet the entire texture. Meanwhile peat moss needs more water and needs more time to wet the entire structure.

Because the two types have different roughness, they also differ in moisturizing time. If coco peat is fast absorbing, peat moss will retain moisture longer.

Coco peat is very quick to dry and cannot hold moisture for long. In contrast, peat moss has a finer and stronger texture so it holds water longer.

#2 pH Level

Cannabis strain is very sensitive to pH so growers should pay special attention to this issue. Some strain can only grow particularly well in neutral pH, so you need to dig into the pH of coco peat and peat moss to choose the right one.

In particular, peat moss has a pH of about 3.3 to 4.0. This pH level is acidic and can affect the growth of cannabis. And to balance this pH, not every grower has enough technique to do it.

Coco peat has a pH of about 5.2 to 6.8, which is the ideal pH level for the development of cannabis.

#3 Cost

The prices of these two types are not too different, and they depend on the accessories and the size. Coco peat often comes in large quantities, and peat moss often comes with other accessories and tools.

Final Verdict

To evaluate peat moss vs coco peat, which one is best for cannabis grow, we will choose coco peat. Peat moss is also a good type but it is not as popular as coco peat.