Weed Growing Box for Sale: 10 Best Cannabis Grow Boxes In 2021

We all know that growing weed at home is a complicated task as it requires experiences, skill time, and various equipment to provides the marijuana plants with the proper environment they need. This is why weed growing box are now becomes the mainstream among cannabis home growers.

The best weed grow box is a container that contains lighting system, ventilation system, soil or hydroponic setup supplements and some other equipment for humidity, temperature control. With these grow box, you have the ability of completely controlling over what you produce. I’ve created a list of best weed growing box for sale on the market to helps you easier make the right decision.

Top 6 Weed Growing Box for Sale 2021

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#1 SuperStar HPS Soil Grow Cabinet

Although the SuperStar HPS Soil Grow Box is just a small container, it includes dual chambers, that means you do not need to wait until harvest to grow the new plants, dual chambers allow you to grow flowering plants at one and the other for cloning. Small to medium-scale weed producers will love this box. It features a germination kit, which can be used to start seedlings. The grow box dimensions are 24′′ x 24′′ x 60′′ inches. In each chamber, you can get separately lighting system, it is 24-watt T-5 fluorescent light. SuperStar HPS Soil Grow Boxes also comes with carbon filter and inline fan, which will block, reduce marijuana’s odor and maintain the well air flow within the box. Automated watering system makes the job of growing weed at home becomes very simple for even inexperienced growers.

#2 SuperNova Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

If you are looking for a dependable and well-built grow box SuperNova Smart Grow Closet is a wonderful option. This may not on the cheap size grow box, but it has a reasonable price that worth its value as it comes with everything you need to start grow cannabis. The SuperNova is a high-quality, good construction grow box that includes Kinds highly rated LED K3 Series 2 XL600 grow light and activated carbon air filtering system.

Aside from these equipment, it also features an adjustable build-in fan, digital hygrometer and thermometer, which help you reduce excessive heat. The box panels are anti-mold, reflecting, detachable, and adjustable to provide your plants with the suitable and perfect condition as they can get from natural environment. 46” x 24” x 78” dimensions is ideal for growers who have limited growing space.

#3 Stealth box 4 Plant Grow Box

One of the biggest concern of most marijuana growers is that they don’t want people around know that they are growing weed at home. This is why many growers need a stealth grow box to cultivate their plants in secret and discreet. Stealth box 4 Plant Grow Box is not only a completely secure grow box, it also comes with all the things you need to grow marijuana. This durable, solid grow box is made of steel with powered white coat. As the name suggested, it can only hold for up to 4 plants, with the small size of 20” x 20” x 36”. The Stealth Box also includes a variety of growing accessories, like a full-spectrum white LED Quantum Board, carbon filter, and several fans. The box comes with 1 year lifetime guarantee.

#4 Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

The Yield Machine LED Grow Box is a top-of-the-line device that can accommodate up to 9 cannabis plants at the same time. The lighting source of the plants is provided by low-heat 150W UFO LED grow lights, but it’s suggested that you should use a 300W LED light to get optimal lighting for 9 plants. The lights may be adjusted vertically and are movable for special requirements. The ventilation system includes an inline fan and two exhaust fans ensures continual air flow and clear environment. However, there is one drawback is that the box is 4 ft height, this may a little bit outstanding. But it will suitable for taller strains of cannabis.

#5 Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System

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Hellogrower’s grow box should be your first choice when it comes to discreet grow box. It measures 15 x 15 x 30 inches and can only contain two marijuana plants. It quite small but the advantage of its compact size is that it can fit comfortably at any place in your home. The Hellogrower also provides a number of advantages not seen in rivals. The box, for example, has two fans and carbon filter that help reduce heat, unwanted odor of cannabis plants while bringing in fresh air.

You only need to add the seeds in this box to start growing as everything else are fully prepared. A 150W LED lighting system are using in the box, the LED light is energy-saving and can be regulated with a timer.

#6 SUPERBOX LED Smart Grow Box

The SuperBox Smart LED Grow Box is a good quality, well-build and small grow box that is excellent if you looking for a discreet grow room, or if you have limited space. It also great option for growers who on a budget. Generally, it is wonderful option for small-scale and personal use. It is not easy to find the growing that can balance both quality and features at the great pricing range like this one. This smart box features two Kind LED X40 Flower grow lights, which can be control through your phone by an app. The ventilation system includes activated carbon filter and adjustable build-in fan. I love the SuperCloset manufacturer as they offer money-back guarantee and exchange policy for this product.